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Newton cradle balls

Newton cradle balls

Keyboard typing

Lenovo laptop keyboard
MacBook Pro 2017 keyboard
MacBook Pro 2015 keyboard
MacBook Pro 16 inch keyboard


Zippo open
Zippo close
Zippo dry strike

Mobile phone vibration

iPhone 6 vibration
Samsung mobile phone vibratie


Perfume spray
AXE deo spray
Deodorant spray


Referee flute

Party blowers

Party blowers


Balloon popping / burst / blast
Inflating balloon with air
Balloon rubbing with hands
Deflation balloon
Balloon flying through the air


Clown horn

Black marker

Black marker scratching
Black marker shaving
Black marker line drawing
Lay down black marker

Highlighter marker

Highlighter marker scratching
Highlighter marker shaving
Highlighter marker line drawing
Lay down highlighter marker


Service bell
Hand bell ringing
Jingle bells, beatring christmas

Bicycle bell

Bicycle bell #1
Bicycle bell #2
Bicycle bell #3
Bicycle bell #4

iPod iOS 6 noise

iPod lock and unlock iOS 6

Browse through paper

Browse slowly through a writer's block or writing notebook
Browse quickly through a writer's block or writing notebook

Finger snap

Finger snap

Pencil sharpener

Pencil sharpener

Pen click

Big pen click
Ballpoint click
Pen click
Pen clicking
Pen cap click
Marker cap click
Permanent marker cap click

Coins or money

Putting coins into a star
Dropping coins on a wood table
Dropping coin on a wood table

Macbook pro 2011 or 2015

Macbook pro 2011 CD DVD player
Macbook pro 2011 startup
Macbook pro 2011 trackpad mouse click
Magsafe coupling and decoupling noise
Magsafe 2 coupling and decoupling noise

Igniting a match

Match strike
Igniting a match


Gas click lighter
Normal lighter

Toilet flush

Toilet flush
Toilet flushing and refilling
Toilet refilling

iPhone noise

iPhone vibrate / vibration
iPhone lock / unlock
iPhone camera shutter
iPhone enter passcode
iPhone pressing the home button
iPhone typing on keyboard
iPhone sending and receive text message iOS 10
iPhone 6 charging iOS 10
iPhone silent switch

Pouring liquid into a glass

Pouring water into a glass

Printer noise

Turning on and off
Printer printing paper
Opening and closing service flap


Electric kettle


Stove fire


Light switch
Rocker switch
Push switch
Power toggle light switch
Mini metal toggle switch
Power strip switch
Power rocker switch


Opening and closing elevator door
Elevator moves
Elevator and door moves

Typing on keyboard

Typing on apple keyboard
Typing on logitech keyboard
Typing on MacBook Pro 2015 keyboard


Closing room door
Opening room door
Door open and close
Door open, close and locked