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Find quickly and easily the right sound. This is possible thanks to the powerful search engine with pictures that describe the sound in details.

Only high quality stereo sound

All sounds on this website are high quality stereo sound. So you and your audience get the best audio experience.

Free for YouTube & PowerPoint

The sounds are free to use for YouTube and PowerPoint as long as you mention the website in the description or in the movie. For other purposes, you are requested to contact us.

Keyboard typing.

Sound of typing on a keyboard. Make on MacBook Pro 2015, 201, 2020 16 inch + Lenovo laptop. Typing speed is normal, fast and slow.

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Sound of a Zippo lighter. Open, close and dry strike.

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Mobile phone vibration.

Sound of a mobile phone vibration. Long and short vibration of an iPhone or Android device.

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The sound of perfume, deo, AXE deo or deodorant spray.

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The sound of a whistle. For example a referee flute.

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Party blowers .

The sound of a party blowouts, blow out party, birthday party blowouts, paper party blowouts, Blow-outs.

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Noise from a balloon. For example: balloon popping, inflating balloon, balloon air blowing, balloon rubbing with hands, deflation balloon, balloon losing air en balloon air release

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